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The Officials

The referee controls the game and sees that the players maintain good conduct and obey the laws
of rugby. There is only one referee and that person is the only judge, timekeeper and scorekeeper.

There are two touch judges, one appointed by each team. They stand outside the touch line and
follow the play. If the ball is kicked out of touch, the touch judge on that side lifts the flag and
stands perpendicular to where the ball went out to mark it.  The touch judges also determine if a
goal kick is successful. The referee still has absolute authority and makes the end decision even if
both touch judges disagree.

The team coaches are not allowed to influence the team once they are on the field. Thus a captain is
appointed for each team.  The captain makes plays, encourages and leads the team. This person is
the only means of communication between the team and the referee. Players are not allowed to
address the referee unless they are called upon.